Ketamine for PTSD

How Ketamine Infusion Therapy Treats PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition triggered by a traumatic event, either seen or experienced firsthand. Those with PTSD are often haunted by this terrifying event they experienced, often reporting that they consistently experience the trauma even in a safe place. Many will need time to adjust, but some cases develop symptoms that last for months or even years. Over time, daily functions can decline if a suitable treatment is not found.

While symptoms can start as early as the month after a traumatic event, they sometimes take years to develop. These symptoms can cause problems with personal relationships, work, and social interactions if gone without proper treatment. The most common symptoms of PTSD include, but are not limited to: distressing memories, recurrent nightmares, flashbacks to the event, emotional distress, physical reactions from the event, negative changes in mood, insomnia, overwhelming guilt, and sometimes self-destructive behavior.

Ketamine has been found to help relieve the symptoms of PTSD within hours, rather than the usual weeks some medications take. Call us today or schedule your free consultation to see if Ketamine for PTSD Treatment can help you.

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